Let's capture your story together.

A BIRTH STORY is more than just the facts from your little one's big day. It captures the mood, the emotions, and the smallest of details that had a lasting impression. It is a work of art that captures the experience in its entirety for you to share and relive. 

Keep the colours of this incredible memory vivid forever.

What Moms have said about the experience...

"Reliving the experience  through conversation with Gia gave me the chance to reflect on one of the most important experiences of my life with deep emotion.  Gia has a unique talent to capture your birth story in a way that is honest, authentic and deeply special. I felt very comfortable through the whole conversation and am blown away by the final product. A true treasure! - Dorothy M.

"Like reading a diary entry that someone else wrote about my birth experience. I read our story to my daughter every year on her birthday!"  - Adria I.

"What a gift it is to be able to have this memory recorded in a way I can go back to whenever I want, but also to share with my children. Over time it’s easy to forget the details but Gia has done a beautiful job of pulling those memories from my mind and weaving them into what I truly consider an heirloom. " - Emily R.

$549 CAD

Receive a digital copy of the story as well as a 8x10 softcover keepsake.

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